Hymn Writers Project

This project is a series of CDs in which each CD will be focused on a certain hymn writer. The first volume of this series is "A Great Sudden Storm of Thunder" which consist of hymns written by Isaac Watts. It is now available for $10.00. $1.00 of each purchase will go to Reach International Ministries. 

The new album is under way! Volume 2 will be hymns from George Bennard, writer of The Old 

Rugged Cross. I was able to visit the Old Rugged Cross Historical Museum in Reed City, MI and learn a lot about Mr. Bennard and his songs. This will be a great (if not better) volume in the series!



Who is Mark?

In October of 2009 I met my now-wife Anna. I was saved by the Lord Jesus Christ in November 2009. I left a life of idolatry and sin behind and died to myself. In May of 2011, I married my best friend, Anna. I now attend Midland Baptist Church and am also attending classes at Midland Baptist Bible Institute. 
Before I was saved, I taught myself to play thie guitar and other stringed instruments. Now that I am saved, I am using my talent to glorify the Lord and only the Lord. Christ is the reason I can sing a joyful song!